The main technique for Seach And Rescue used by is by using the Ordnance Survey grid squares to effectively target the area of greatest concern then alert surrounding grids to the situation. This allows the Search and Reascue services in that location to be contacted immediately. Using mobile GPS enabled devices, responses for the call can be plotted as they activley engage in the search and plotted on the control Ordnance Survey Map.

This real time display of the sunami style search can be recorded and monitored to assist in training to make the service as effective as possible.

Why use the National Grid by Ordnance Survey?

The National Grid is a well known mapping system used by all the services including local authorities, emergency services, armed services and volunteer rescue groups like the Mountain Rescue Service and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

A local grid can be printed from the Ordance Survey online service or bought from book shops selling the Ordnace Survey maps. Much of the UK is populated and has access to a range of communications from basic radio, television and telephone to broadband and mobile phones. Using these new tools we can immediately target areas of concern by texting or emailing volunteers who are closest to a eight figure grid reference. This also provides cost effective means of communication as using television and radio is expensive and slower with a much broader range than is normally required.